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  • Thought itself reinforces the illusory "me" because most thought is self-centered and/or self-reflective.
    Eric Putkonen
  • We place life outside of ourselves imagining that it is something to be managed, and having a spiritual life is another way of managing the uncontrollable nature of life.
    Susanne Marie
  • "There is nothing more fulfilling than being CONSCIOUS with no content. What a paradox."
    Florian Schlosser
  • Even after awakening, you’re still you! You will not go through a miraculous change and have a complete transformation of your personality. Individuals that are normally sullen do not start running around smiling and laughing all the time. Neither does enlightenment mean that you won’t ever have troubles again. You still need to work, keep your job, and pay your bills. You still have car problems, and your children will get the flu. You could still be passed up for that promotion at work, and your partner may forget your birthday. Your friends will not look at you and say, “You look different today. Were you enlightened over the weekend?” Others will not necessarily recognize you as a special person, especially if they are your family and friends. You don’t become a special, higher being. In fact, it’s the opposite. You realize you are the same as everybody and everything else.
    Enza Vita
  • “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi
    Lyn Whiteman
  • Self-Realization is completely freeing, in the sense that you come to see that you – Consciousness – are already free.
    Martyn Webber
  • In the absence of ignorance, there is only love.
    Eric Putkonen
  • To genuinely give space to another is perhaps the greatest thing any of us can do.
    John Siddique
  • Don't be afraid to be intimate with your gnawing aloneness - it is in deep intimacy with aloneness that the heart is broken open and the impossibility of being alone is realised.
    Jeannie McGillivray
  • Life is play.
    Eric Putkonen
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