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  • John 20:22: "And Jesus breathed on his disciples" ......This quote is another mystical affirmation. Jesus did not breathe on his disciples, he breathed "WITH" his disciples because it is the breath, the holy wind, the cleaninsing power of life itself that reanimates our physical bodies. ...Just will get through "this" (whatever your "this" may be).
    Jess Herriott
  • “Simply see with open eyes and open mind. Without hanging on to anything, by looking through into the depth of yourself. The realization of man can be found only in the act of being human itself - being human while being aware of the eternity of Being.” OM C. Parkin
    OM C. Parkin
  • You are nothing that can be perceived. Whoever tells you otherwise is trying to recruit you to their religion. Stay without religion and stay free. Are you not the object-less formless perceiver?
    Magdi Badawy (Magdi EmBe)
  • There is nothing wrong.
    Lynn Fraser
  • 3 questions pour se rendre la vie belle : Qu'est-ce qui est ? Qu'est-ce que je veux ? Qu'est-ce que je fais ?
    Isabelle Padovani
  • The joy of freedom is that it is uncaused and unadorned. Freedom is the open sky of reality, full of birds, clouds and rain which are not separate from it. And joy is the sunlight, a benevolence that pervades each appearance in the mind or senses. To be innocent in this freedom is the consummation of human knowledge and the fulfillment of all experience.
    Michael Damian
  • Because the ultimate reality is not something that can be realized through just any means, all consciousness can do is abide in its true nature till it is revealed as being nothing but the ultimate itself.
  • The love to explore yourself is the force that brings you home
    Pratibha & Kareem Krüger
  • I had to find a power that would not only get me through my current sentence, but would free me from prison forever.
    Kenny Johnson
  • 'As long as you are chasing temporary experiences of happiness or comfort, you will suffer. Living with the endless cycle of 'getting it' and 'losing it' is just too painful and utterly exhausting. Eventually you have to acknowledge the truth of the way it is, even if it doesn't fit your ideas of how it should be. It is actually so much easier to live with the reality as it is, than endlessly dreaming.'
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