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  • When mind learns to humble to silence to bow to stillness
 and rest 
in pure presence 
of what is
 grace flows 
into the pause 
and knowing 
    Clare Blanchflower
  • To move from the belief, I am something, to the understanding that I am nothing is a path of exclusion - I am not this, not this, not this. To move from the understanding that I am nothing to the all-embracing feeling-understanding that I am everything is a path of inclusion - I am this, I am this, I am…
    Rupert Spira
  • There is only one step, one pointer: abidance in I AM, abidance in the Self.
    Rajiv Kapur
  • Being one is loving all
    Tim Freke
  • As long as we think there is something to get (or something we’ve gotten that we need to hold onto, or identify with, or remain ever-mindful of), we will suffer. When it is recognized that there is literally nothing to get and no one to get it, that is freedom.
    Joan Tollifson
  • The joy of freedom is that it is uncaused and unadorned. Freedom is the open sky of reality, full of birds, clouds and rain which are not separate from it. And joy is the sunlight, a benevolence that pervades each appearance in the mind or senses. To be innocent in this freedom is the consummation of human knowledge and the fulfillment of all experience.
    Michael Damian
  • It's the recognition of your own being as unconditioned, primordial awareness that liberates you from dependency and endless seeking.
    Martyn Webber
  • If we can recognize the ‘space’ that connects us, then there would not be any space between us.
    Rajiv Kapur
  • „Not you are the one living a life, the creature is dead. The life that gives life to you is god.“ (Angelus Silesius)
  • Thought does not tell us what we are seeing but rather what to see. We inherit our vision of reality along with the native language we learn.
    John Greer
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We have a set of tutorials for Meeting Truth coming very soon - please check back later.

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