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  • 'As long as you are chasing temporary experiences of happiness or comfort, you will suffer. Living with the endless cycle of 'getting it' and 'losing it' is just too painful and utterly exhausting. Eventually you have to acknowledge the truth of the way it is, even if it doesn't fit your ideas of how it should be. It is actually so much easier to live with the reality as it is, than endlessly dreaming.'
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Gathering In Truth with Unmani


If you are a seeker of Truth…

If you long for Oneness and Wholeness in your life…

If you are exhausted from the endless trying to fix yourself…

If you are ready to meet yourself as the Awakened Presence that you truly are…

You are welcome to come to this gathering where we will meet in timeless presence, while also exploring how this is lived and embodied in our daily lives.

Algarve, Portugal

Webinar - How To Be Free From Suffering


It is not always comfortable to live as this human. There are all kinds of physical, emotional and mental challenges that we can not escape throughout our lives. However, so much of the suffering that we go through is an extra layer of psychological suffering that overlays whatever challenge we are facing, or whatever experience is happening. The suffering tends to be rooted in the story of ‘me’ and ‘my suffering’. Lets explore together how we can be free from this kind of suffering and come back to th

Grief Circle - Monthly Online Gathering


If you have lost a loved one… recently or many years ago…

If you are grieving and feel alone with what you are experiencing…

If you would like to feel heard by others who understand what you are going through…

You are very welcome to join our monthly Grief Circle Gatherings.

Webinar - How Can I Stop My Busy Mind?


Having a busy mind is very uncomfortable. Thoughts seem to be endlessly trying to do, become, and understand it all. And then to top it all, thoughts about trying to stop your busy mind, only add to the busyness. Let’s look at the nature of the mind and thought, and see if there is another way…

Webinar - What Is Awakening?


We hear this term ‘awakening’ a lot on the spiritual path and it can become very confused and misunderstood. Is awakening a state of bliss? Is awakening permanent or can it change? Is awakening only for those who have meditated for years? Is awakening very difficult and complicated? If you awaken does it change how you feel or behave? If you awaken do you automatically become a saint? This webinar is an opportunity for you to bring all of your silly, and not-so-silly, questions for us to explore togethe

Webinar - How To Embrace The Whole Of Life


It is incredibly painful when we reject parts of ourselves, or Life, because we think those parts are not good enough, or shouldn’t be here for some reason. This rejection goes against our natural longing to merge with and embrace Life as ourselves. But how can we stop this painful game, and start embracing the whole of Life as ourselves? Let’s explore this together.

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