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  • 'As long as you are chasing temporary experiences of happiness or comfort, you will suffer. Living with the endless cycle of 'getting it' and 'losing it' is just too painful and utterly exhausting. Eventually you have to acknowledge the truth of the way it is, even if it doesn't fit your ideas of how it should be. It is actually so much easier to live with the reality as it is, than endlessly dreaming.'
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'Awakening To Wonder And Simplicity' Retreat In The Netherlands


Now also available to join online if you are unable to make it in person.

In our world today we are so used to fast pace action and excitement that we have become de-sensitised and removed from the simple, and ordinary, wonder of life. Perhaps we hoped that having so many choices and so much available information would bring us happiness. Perhaps we hoped that we could go on living on the surface chasing dreams, without risking really being touched by life. But in fact it seems that so many pe7346 AN Hoog Soeren, Netherlands

Webinar - 'Falling In Love With Myself'


As we meet this present experience just as it is, there is more and more of an embracing of this human just the way she or he is. Acknowledging that our true nature is unconditional love and awareness of whatever is here, there is the freedom for myself to blossom in the most natural way. This is a falling in love with myself that doesn’t require any effort or doing. It is simply about meeting myself in all the highs and the lows and everything in between, knowing that it is all included in and as Life

Webinar - 'Questioning Our Beliefs'


We tend to hold onto so many beliefs about ourselves, about the world, and others, that seem to limit our experience. Whatever we believe, usually reinforces our identity as a certain kind of person in the world. When we question our beliefs, inevitably we end up questioning the most fundamental belief - the belief that I am a separate identity. This belief in a ‘me' is the root belief for all the other beliefs to hang on. And in the process of questioning our beliefs, everything that we have believed w

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