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  • 'As long as you are chasing temporary experiences of happiness or comfort, you will suffer. Living with the endless cycle of 'getting it' and 'losing it' is just too painful and utterly exhausting. Eventually you have to acknowledge the truth of the way it is, even if it doesn't fit your ideas of how it should be. It is actually so much easier to live with the reality as it is, than endlessly dreaming.'
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Open Webinar 'Following The Aliveness'


OPEN WEBINAR: Following The Aliveness

Unmani will speak on this theme - There will be time for questions and dialogues with Unmani - You have the option to just listen in, or participate in a dialogue with Unmani - Video replays to watch at your convenience any time — no need to worry if you miss the ‘live’ meeting.

5 Day Intensive Retreat in The Netherlands


Join Unmani for this 5 day/6 night Intensive Retreat in Hoog Soeren, in the green heart of the Netherlands.

7346 AN Hoog Soeren, Netherlands

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