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Online Satsang


Kosi will be holding online events this Autumn and has scheduled a number of dates for Satsangs and retreats. Satsang (sitting with the wise) is a very alive, intimate, and dynamic conversation that often results in a major shift in consciousness that contains the intrinsic power to end many different forms of suffering. It is truly a miraculous meeting of the HEART! This intimate meeting is infused with the unconditional love, wisdom, and omniscience of divine consciousness.

Yoga of Peace - Overcoming the Stress of Everyday Life


Yoga of Peace - Overcoming the Stress of Everyday life is a two day online weekend retreat that is very different than most workshops and retreats being offered around the world. It is an initiation into the essential teaching and practices that supports a radical shift in consciousness from the suffering of your mind to the indescribable peace of your heart—not as a momentary experience, but as an evolutionary leap in consciousness.


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