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  • 'As long as you are chasing temporary experiences of happiness or comfort, you will suffer. Living with the endless cycle of 'getting it' and 'losing it' is just too painful and utterly exhausting. Eventually you have to acknowledge the truth of the way it is, even if it doesn't fit your ideas of how it should be. It is actually so much easier to live with the reality as it is, than endlessly dreaming.'
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Open Webinar 'How Do I Stop Being Triggered?'


We all get triggered sometimes. We all have those sore points that we can react out of if we feel threatened in some way. How can we navigate those times when we feel these trigger points moving us to act or speak in a way that is not in alignment with our true knowing?

advaita Congress 2021 " Falling deeper"



advaitaCongress 2021 “Falling deeper” from the 3rd to 7th November near Vienna at Schloss Thalheim

„Who am I really?“ – This all-important question leads the seeker to a journey to discover his or her deepest innermost Self. On this journey, the advaitaCongress is an invaluably enriching experience. Diving into a field of consciousness by presentations, darshans, workshops, music and meditation opens the door to falling into your Self.

<3141 Kapelln an der Perschling, Austria

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