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Aherlow Castle
Co. Tipperary

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The Magical Mystery of Being Alive As Consciousness If you are interested in awakening; conscious embodiment; allowing freedom to become foremost in your awareness; or in solving the mystery of any challenging details at play in your life, this Satsang retreat is for you. Join with us for these 5 days and dive in, deepening, deepening, with this amazing display of Consciousness that is called 'You" and happens to include All That Is.

"What I like about Canela: She's all about love, she's direct, understanding, with an amount of freshness, newness, understanding, Making suggestions that are so filled with love, never a judgement, never even a snifft of judgement, always opening and relaxing, releasing and letting energy that is not mine return to their source. This brings me freedom to be even more authentically myself.

The acceptance that is embodied IN Canela feels like the mum, dad, granny, granpa, aunt, uncle, friend you always wanted to have, Canela's acceptance is continuous - even when I am in a mode of NOT accepting myself, judging myself, undermining myself, there is my mentor Canela holding my hand and encouraging me to see myself differently. Then when I do, I feel so much better. So much more deeply accepting of myself, experiencing an intenser loving presence of myself." Aherlow Retreat Participant, N.M., Ireland

"I just attended a weekend Satsang in London with Canela Michelle Meyers. What a wonderful experience; her vibrancy joy and laughter, ripples of love coming through her into us, bring us home to our true vibrancy and aliveness. When I hugged her I melted into her, we were one. Such a beautiful experience. The weekend so practical and supportive, embracing all of life, feeling the love that is underlying all. I left feeling a freeway of love running straight through me. Her next port of call is in Brighton this coming weekend." Yvonne Beever, London, UK

"It was a real privilege to meet Canela and a powerful and enjoyable Satsang. Canela's style is so open, humble, and freeing, and it points so effectively towards a place of love and non separation, So glad I went." Kevin Pritchett, London, England Canela's book available here: Short Video:

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