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Deep Looking

Deep Looking is a tool or a technique of meeting whatever arises in the moment. It is a form of self-inquiry, a way of asking simple direct questions and waiting for an answer to come up. It is a method to uncover unconscious patterns and by seeing how they are creating suffering all that no longer serves gets gently released. I love working with this amazing tool as it is so effective. Even one session allows a deep transformation to happen. If you are feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward, you can use this technique to examine what is holding you up and free the stuckness. The best way to learn this method is by having a course of sessions. Each session allows you to go deeper, to notice patterns that have been hiding. Having weekly sessions I can support you on your journey from tightness to lightness. Knowing how to meet whatever situations and emotions arise in a kind and loving way makes the whole journey smoother and lighter. This is a very simple and powerful tool, that you can apply in everyday living. If you work with me, you can expect a deep transformation in how you see yourself, your mind, your heart and the world. Mastering this tool you will learn how to find peace, that is always here, only obstructed by continuous unnecessary thinking. Deep Looking is going to help you to find your balance, access your own wisdom and prepare you for living life fully, wholly and fearlessly. It is a way to find the joy of being and enjoying life.
£75.00 1:30

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