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  • The joy of freedom is that it is uncaused and unadorned. Freedom is the open sky of reality, full of birds, clouds and rain which are not separate from it. And joy is the sunlight, a benevolence that pervades each appearance in the mind or senses. To be innocent in this freedom is the consummation of human knowledge and the fulfillment of all experience.
    Michael Damian
  • Transcendence is not a temporary, quiet or blissful place you go to. It is the functional, liberating clarity about the nature of Self and reality.
    Michael Damian
  • Hell is never here on the ground. It is always in the clouds, in the falling from false hopes and projections of heaven.
    Michael Damian
  • The light of reality always shines, but the constant projection of deluded thought creates a vast web of shadows. This is why the human condition is one of twilight and confusion.
    Michael Damian
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Consultations offer deep support and precise guidance for all aspects of Self-inquiry and learning to live in freedom.

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All prices are in United States Dollars. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

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Skype consultation

FREE 1hr

Meeting in Sebastopol


2-4 pm, with refreshments until 5 pm

Theme: Michael Damian will speak about the process of gaining comprehensive, liberating clarity in the direct path of self-realization. As Michael says, it's a direct path but there are no short cuts.

Bio: Michael Damian is a spiritual teacher, a depth psychologist in Mill Valley, and author of The Art of Freedom: A Guide to Awakening. His teachings offer a direct path of self - realization with a soulful approach to the human journeySebastopol, California , USA

Self-Realization Meeting


Evening meeting with Michael Damian

Begins with short meditation, a talk by Michael and Q & A

Katlijk, Heerenveen, Netherlands

Day Intensive



Morning Meditation & dialogue Lunch / free Afternoon Meditation & dialogue

Katlijk, Heerenveen, Netherlands

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