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  • It is not in the two of I and other where we truly meet. The Love that is has one heart-broken form of infinite beauty. I meet you there alone.
    Eva Millauer
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I work through the body. I see a lot in your body language and I also pick up subtle communications.  when I work with you in a one to one I explore with how spiritual concepts and your personal and bodily identity correlate and how to close the ga

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Embodiment as the One Heart

A creative reality consideration
£51.55 1hr

Embodiment as the One Heart


Sending you all love in these unprecedented times! The world-wide coronavirus pandemic -no matter what the truth around it is- has shown up the fragility of human life and the preciousness of it. Right now it feels especially important to come together as one and to spread as much education in diverse ways on how important it is that humanity lives in accordance with universal laws and understands that global harmony, balance and sustainability on all levels is just crucial for human survival. Living

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