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London Satsang: The Paradox of Awakening


“The truth can’t be found through seeking, but only seekers find it.”

--Traditional saying

At the heart of the awakening process lies the paradox of the search: If we already are the truth, happiness and love we seek, what’s the point of doing anything to find or awaken to it? Yet if we never discover it for ourselves, how can we ever transform our lives? In this talk, Stephan will explore the paradoxical value of the search.

London, United Kingdom

Coming Home to the Heart of Awareness: Weekend Retreat in London


The journey of awakening is an arc of return back home to our natural, inborn condition of happiness, peace, and love, from which we have been estranged by years of conditioning and apparent separation. This weekend retreat will feature powerful pointers and silent and guided meditations that invite us to recognize our homeground of awakened awareness, as well as lively, heartful dialogue that explores what we truly are and reveals and releases the false beliefs and identities we take ourselves to be.&lLondon, United Kingdom

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