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The Awakening Power of Relationship


Intimate relationships offer us the opportunity to awaken from the dream of separation and realize our oneness with all of life. At the same time, paradoxically, they stir up our deepest fears and reactive patterns. In other words, relationships are a fertile ground for profound transformation!

In this one-day workshop we’ll use relationship as a sacred mirror to free ourselves to be more fully awake, authentic, and heartful in our primary relationships with family, friend--and ourselves.

London, United Kingdom

Sitting Dancing Being


In this nonresidential weekend retreat in London, we will explore the interface between sitting and movement, silence and sound, spiritual insight and awakened activity. For dancers, it can be an opportunity to shine the light of awareness on the question, Who’s dancing? For awakeners, it’s a chance to experiment with embodying your insight in the provocative, sometimes chaotic world of form. And for everyone, it’s a space in which to deepen our connection with ourselves and one another at every level.&London, UK

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