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  • It's Grace alone that brings the desire for liberation and it's Grace alone that fulfills it.
    Martyn Webber
  • Self-Realization is completely freeing, in the sense that you come to see that you – Consciousness – are already free.
    Martyn Webber
  • Discover the truth of who and what you are and you'll discover that you've always been free, like the dreamer is free from the dream.
    Martyn Webber
  • It's the recognition of your own being as unconditioned, primordial awareness that liberates you from dependency and endless seeking.
    Martyn Webber
  • Enlightenment is much simpler and more intimate than you imagine; no bells and whistles, no ecstatic light show; it is this moment, as it is.
    Martyn Webber
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One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in Pounds Sterling. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

Session Name Price Duration

Full Spiritual Mentoring/Satsang & RASA Transmission Session

1hr one-on-one session including a 15min RASA Tranmisison at the end.
£110.00 1hr

2 x Mini Follow-up & RASA Transmission Sessions

2 x 30min check-in follow-up sessions with RASA Transmission included. This is for those who have already had at least one 1hr full session.
£120.00 2 x 30mins

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