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  • The recognition of presence, of sacredness, comes in those moments when you actually feel just like you, that original, beautiful, open, unnamed fullness of who you have always been, and always will be. In this moment you understand at the most profound level that you are life expressing itself both uniquely and always.
    John Siddique
  • The true purpose of meditation is to awaken us to the truth of who we really are - The original, beautiful, flowering awareness which is life itself, and from where we can live our daily lives authentically and with grace.
    John Siddique
  • To genuinely give space to another is perhaps the greatest thing any of us can do.
    John Siddique
  • Satsang is not about being guru and student, it is about the simple wonder of coming into the beauty and joy of meeting each other in truth.
    John Siddique
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Whoever we are, and whatever stage of life we are at, even at the end of our lives, we can always have greater freedom, presence, meaning, and peace. Working directly 'one to one' is one of the most effective ways of helping you connect with<

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Living Authentically & Spiritual Counselling

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£70.00 1hr

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