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  • "You begin to recognize Love infuses everything. Your own heart is the wind, it is the trees, it is the earth. It is even in the conflicts which arise, in the pain that comes up. It is the storm, it is the open sky, it is totality. It excludes nothing and embraces everything. And in this embrace there is but one taste and that is the taste of Love."
  • Where there was thought to be someone, it is revealed there is no one, and out of the heart of no one there is a personal falling in love with all of it. And that is the taste, the true nondual taste, because true love ends up devouring the dream and the dreamer.
  • This is a journey for very few because it requires everything. Yet it offers everything. Eventually you realize that this world cannot touch you anymore. It can't kick you around anymore because now you sit in the seat of truth. You sit in the heart of love. You've faced all there is to face. And now all you experience is love, not love in the absence of pain, not love in the absence of fear, not love in the absence of anything, but love through absolutely everything."
  • When the devotion to Love becomes more important than 'me' , then the only thing devoured is the suffering. And you are let out of the cage.
  • Humility is the mind melting into the heart.
  • It's not that the body stops experiencing pain, it's that you stop experiencing the body.
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Retreat with Devaji in Ireland


This August, join non-dual teacher Devaji for his first visit to beautiful Ireland for a deep dive into the immaculate beauty of the one heart. This 10-day residential retreat will include twice daily satsangs beginning with a short silent meditation followed by dialogues with participants exploring the grace of self-inquiry, the passion of devotion, and the place where divinity and humanity meet. More information will become available soon. Please stay tuned for more details or visit

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