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What does Psycho-Physiological Transformation of Consciousness Really Entail?

Life is what we make of it. Yet life is also a precious gift given to realize our innermost potential as Being-Consciousness-Bliss. Reclaiming of this inner potential is the real quest behind all our undertakings and of all searching—even if we are constantly being diverted.

Although understanding that the source of lasting happiness lays within is not that hard to fathom, for it to become our lived reality requires transformation of our consciousness on the cellular level. This transformation is initiated by realignment of all our subtle energies to facilitate the metamorphic rebirth. Known in Vedic and Tantric traditions as various pranas, these currents are considered to be manifestations of divine principles, with the main ones expressing themselves as this human body.

This darshan is an invitation to sit with an adept, delve deeply into the nature of these transformative processes and the relevance of an integral spiritual path for this challenging time for humanity.

The evening darshan and weekend immersion are bookable separately, you are welcome to come to both or just one. During the Friday evening darshan, there will be only discourse and Q&A. ​ The energetic meditation is for the following weekend immersion only. The 2-day immersion is an opportunity to experience the work of Igor Kufayev first-hand in a longer introductory format — which incorporates 4 full meditation sessions — ideal for those unable to attend a longer program. Immersions with Igor are unique, often life-changing events rooted in the age-old Tantric wisdom teachings aimed at accelerating our innermost potential, through direct guidance by a meditation master. We invite you to experience this for yourself, in the context of this weekend workshop.

​You may want to watch this short documentary Film about Igor’s work called Entering the Heart.

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