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Open Sky House Denia
Carrer Lleó
03700 Dénia

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Event Information

This retreat will be held only 3 minutes walk from the Mediterranean in the Amazing Beauty of the Open Sky Villa in Denia, near Valencia.

We will have daily Satsang with John David. In the morning Yoga, Meditation and Mantra Singing with Live Music. The afternoon is free to relax and enjoy the palm tree garden, have a swim in the pool or in the Mediterranean. In the evening we come together for Satsang, Heart Dance, Meditation or Theatre.

Also included in the retreat: Tantra with Radha 9 - 11 September Explore True Intimacy in an Accepting and Loving Space. Tantra means to Celebrate your Sensuality and Naturalness. It opens your Heart and is a way to meet Unconditional Love which is Your Essence.

Authentic Theatre with Indira In the protected space "stage" we can trust the Moment and indulge in the Natural Flow of Life. Indira offers a Playful and Experimental field to explore Creativity from a space of Silence, Innocence and Curiosity.

Ticket information

All prices for this event are in Euros

Ticket Type Door Price Deposit Fee Available Quantity

Early Bird until 1st August

Early Bird until 1st August
€1090.00 €515.46 €0.00 30

Normal Full Retreat

Normal Full Retreat
€1190.00 €515.46 €0.00 30

Student under 27

Student under 27
€750.00 €154.64 €0.00 30

One Week

One Week
€620.00 €154.64 €0.00 20

Tantra Weekend

Tantra Weekend
€240.00 €82.47 €0.00 10

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