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Open Sky House Denia
Carrer Lleó
03700 Dénia

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Event Information

Join this beautiful 9-day retreat with John David which offers you a glimpse of what you truly are. Become still, clarify your mind and connect to your Heart. The Beauty and the Loving Energy Field of the Open Sky Villa support you on your inner journey. The Open Sky Villa is situated in a lush and spacious tropical paradise with palm trees and a huge swimming pool only 3-min walk from the Mediterranean in Denia, Spain.

Ticket information

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Ticket Type Door Price Deposit Fee Available Quantity

Whitsun Retreat

Whitsun Retreat
€720.00 €154.64 €0.00 20

Student under 27 Years

Student Price under 27
€450.00 €103.09 €0.00 10

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