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Sri Nannagaru Ashram
Ramana Maharshi St. 2
Chengam Rd

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India - An Invitation to the Land of Spirituality

Join us for a Pilgrimage to one of India's most powerful spiritual sanctuaries at the feet of Arunachala Mountain.

Arunachala Mountain has been a powerful place of pilgrimage for two thousand years. It attracted the young Ramana Maharshi after his Self-realisation. Later when more and more people felt drawn to his presence an ashram was built around him at the foot of the mountain. It became a popular destination also for Western spiritual seekers and the trend has continued into the present. With a group of around 30 people the retreat will be held in a small Ashram 10 minutes from Ramana Ashram.


DAILY Satsang with John David – Mantra Singing – Yoga – Meditation Heart Dance – Self Enquiry – Active Meditation

OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES Visits to Ramana Ashram Tour through the Arunachalesvara Temple Meeting Spiritual Masters from India and the West Girivalam: Walk around Arunachala Mountain at Full Moon Tracking to the caves on the mountain where Ramana meditated for many year

For questions, write us an email [email protected] or call Indira: 0049 178 2890814

More info: www.johndavidsatsang.​international

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