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Ananta Kranti

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1 Day Taster Intensive.

This will be a one-day taster of a much deeper process to come.

Join Ananta in Person or Online.


As I sit daily at my Mothers bedside, I see that with the help of morphine she has let go of yesterday's and tomorrow's, she is not fighting with this moment, she is just Being Here.

This is possible without morphine. This is possible by the cessation of identification with thoughts.

To be truly Free we need to die from false identifications. This sense of a separate ego.

Until we see through that truly and stop upholding and giving life to this non-existent self-identification, there will continue to be suffering and the longing to be Free.

To see with clear eyes that there is no entity that exists in an inner world all by itself is the beginning of the end of mental-emotional suffering.

We will sink deeply in stillness, where that sense of self disappears for long enough to see. From this seeing, we will explore ego death, and the nature of suffering and Freedom.

We will create space for reflection and the Joy of Being.

This meeting is being held in person and online.

Please note:

If we have in-person participants the online with be viewing only.

We will open the Intensive with space for dance to some great music starting at 12.45 pm BST

The schedule includes two Satsangs with Ananta, the first starting at approx 1:15 pm GMT (After dance) with Deep meditation followed by a talk/transmission, sharing and inquiry.

We take a break, drop deep and digest, then continue at 4.45 pm GMT for Deep drop, Interaction and Q & A!

Arrive in person in silence at 12.45pm you will be invited to help yourself to tea!

You will receive a further email with finer instructions to this 1 Day Intensive that will support each and every one to create a field of potent Presence.

There will be a ‘guided meditation’ or dropping deeply at the source, where Peace always is, we rest deeply in That for around 40 mins, followed by a talk on the above themes or whatever comes through in the moment with possible interaction.

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