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OM Foundation Inner Science
Yvonne-Mewes-Weg 27
22297 Hamburg


Gut Saunstorf Monastery
Am Gutspark 5
Tel : +49 (0)38424 22 30 60

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Event Information

Enlightening conversations and meeting with OM

Meeting an impersonal teacher of the silent tradition is can be an intense experience. OM teaches seekers how to explore the illusory world of the ego and accompanies them on the path of awakening, back into the core of their SELF.

In Darshan, OM makes himself available for enlightening conversations and being together in silence. His clear and at the same time loving response to the questions and sharings is an invitation to listen with the heart.

The Darshan will start at 8 pm CET and will be held in German. English simultaneous translation is available. Questions in English are very welcome.

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