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The Longing - What is the Longing for Happiness ?

Your entire life you have been trying to get your life moving in the right direction to satisfy the deep mysterious longing inside. It is the continuous pursuit of happiness based on whatever you believe will satisfy this gnawing feeling. This has been the primary catalyst for fixing and changing your life. But does fixing or changing that which is always in a state of change produce any lasting results? What exactly is this longing and how do you satisfy this deep feeling that nothing seems to satisfy?

To understand the nature of the longing you have to dive deep into the nature of your mind and ego—the unending desires that arise and the attachment to whatever you attain in life. The constant movement of your mind to get what you want and keep what you have is the fundamental aspect of suffering—fear, anxiety, stress, and many other forms of suffering emerge from this unending struggle.

How exactly do you satisfy the longing? What is the antidote for this gnawing feeling?

Please join us for this life-changing discovery.

What is Satsang?

“Happiness is your eternal nature.” — KOSI

Satsang is a sacred meeting that supports a dramatic shift from the suffering nature of your mind to the indescribable happiness of your heart. It is an open, honest, and very intimate inquiry that reveals the sublime happiness alive in the core of your being.

This intimate meeting is infused with the unconditional love, wisdom, and omniscience of divine consciousness. It is a palpable energy that supports your own direct discovery of your eternal nature which ends fear, anxiety, sadness, and many other forms of suffering you experience in life.

The simple direct approach of this teaching burns through the conscious, unconscious, and karmic tendencies that keep fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and many other forms of suffering occurring over and over again in your life. Once these tendencies fall away you can be indescribably happy in any life situation.

Satsang with Kosi is a refreshingly authentic conversation and an honest, open, fresh look at what it takes to really be free. It is a potent transmission meant for anyone with the maturity and sincere desire to discover what is already at peace, already enlightened, within you. It represents radical support for the direct discovery of your true nature—the bliss of perfect wisdom.

This is a free event.

All Welcome !

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