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This weekend retreat is an introduction to the Clear Way Mastery Course. This weekend event will give you a taste of this life-changing teaching The Clear Way represents and will be attended by several people who are already enrolled in the Clear Way Mastery Course. The full course consists of two full week retreats, an online community, and support directly from Kosi.

  • Vipassana Meditation

  • Deep Inquiry

  • Mantra Initiation

  • Intimate Support

The Clear Way is the teaching—support for the direct experience of your natural unending happiness. This teaching is an ancient and powerful transmission of the Siva Kasyapa lineage based in the spiritual practices of vipassana meditation, self-inquiry, and the powerful transmission of Vedic Mantras—ancient hymns infused with silence—and many other modalities used to support your spiritual evolution.

This retreat is held in the highest truth and expressed through the sacred container of satsang—fresh, unknowable, support for the direct discovery of your natural happiness. This is not a religion, philosophy, or lecture, but deep ruthless support for the direct experience of the Clear Way—the pure happiness of your being. It is not a thing to hold onto or something you can grasp. During this weekend you will be introduced to the powerful practice of vipassana meditation, self-inquiry, and the powerful transmission of the mantra as well as several other life changing processes and practices.

The Clear Way Mastery Course is simply not your normal everyday workshop, class, or lecture. It is the deepest support for ending suffering and living spontaneously from the endless joy of your being. It is not your typical workshop or retreat—it provides ruthless support for eternal salvation—the end of the karmic wheel of birth and death—lifetimes of suffering.

If you want to join group of people who are deeply committed to freedom and are deeply called to make difference in their lives and the lives of others—this weekend retreat offers you a taste of the love, joy, and laughter of true awakening The Clear Way Mastery Course represents.

General Retreat Schedule (Central European Time: UTC+1)

14:00 - 16:30 - Satsang with Kosi

16:30 - 17:00 - BREAK

17:00 - 19:30 - Practices and Processes

Tuition: €75

Please note that if you register for the two-day weekend introduction retreat, it is possible to join the Clear Way retreat which will continue for the following five days and the cost of the introduction retreat will be deducted from the tuition.

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