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Unitarian Church
112 Palace Gardens Terrace
Notting Hill London W8 4RT

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Intimate relationships offer us the opportunity to awaken from the dream of separation and realize our essential oneness with all of life. At the same time, paradoxically, they stir up our deepest fears and reactive patterns and cause us untold suffering if we’re attached to our expectations and beliefs. In other words, relationships are a fertile ground for profound transformation!

In this one-day workshop--which is grounded in the nondual wisdom tradition of Zen and Advaita Vedanta--we’ll use relationship as a sacred mirror to explore our stuck places, core stories, and limited identities, in order to free ourselves to be more fully awake, authentic, and heartful in our primary relationships with family, friends, and—the most important relationship of all—ourselves.

The workshop will include guided meditations, teachings, dyadic exercises, self-inquiry, and opportunities to work in the group with our individual relationship issues.

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