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In this one-day online retreat, we will explore the interface between sitting and movement, silence and sound, spiritual insight and awakened activity. For dancers, it can be an opportunity to shine the light of awareness on the question, Who’s dancing? Or even deeper, who am I? For awakeners, it’s a chance to experiment with embodying your insight in the provocative, sometimes chaotic world of form. And for everyone, it’s a space in which to deepen our connection with ourselves and one another at every level.

Sue and Stephan, who will be collaborating for the first time, will weave together interludes of expressive dance, guided meditation and inquiry, and potent pointers and teachings from the nondual wisdom of Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. The day promises to be lively, deep, spontaneous, unpredictable—and fun!

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From working in offices and bars and hitchhiking everywhere I somehow fell into dance; 5Rhythms and Conscious Movement, and 6 years ago I helped to found Open Floor International. Along the way I've been exploring what it is to be awake in a moving body and a wild tender heart--such messy marvellous things--by being part of Movement of Being and having excellent teachers. I'm keen to work alongside Stephan; I have a sense this weekend will be good for my soul.


I’ve been teaching spiritual awakening (if such a thing is possible!) for many years and dancing 5Rhythms for almost as long. Dance has been a nourishing complement to waking up for me, an opportunity to drop into the body, surrender to the movement, and just let it happen as it will. I heard about Sue when I taught in London last summer and we immediately hit it off and found ourselves readily aligning on how to work together. I look forward to sharing our creative collaboration with you!

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