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Intimate relationships are a paradoxical challenge. At the deepest level they nourish and inspire us and invite us to realize our oneness with all of life. But at the everyday level they often stir up core reactive patterns and stuck places that obscure our deeper spiritual knowing. In this way, relationship offers an unparalleled opportunity to see through our conditioning, release our reactivity, and free ourselves to be who we really are.

Please join me this Sunday, September 22, for a free online satsang exploring how to express our deepest spiritual knowing in our relationships with family and friends. For those who are interested in the Awakened Relationship course that starts October 2, this will give a flavor of the approach. And for everyone it should be a lively opportunity to shine the light of awakened awareness on one of the most challenging and rewarding domains of this precious human life, where our strongest conditioning comes forcefully to the fore.

Includes teachings, guided meditation, and dialogue.

Please register by Saturday, September 21.

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