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Satsang in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi and Robert Adams.

COLOGNE Satsang "Come meet Luis" session

Friday May 24 2019 19:00 to 20:30


Private interviews by appointment

A film maker and photographer by profession, Luis de Santiago lives in La Coruña, Spain. Luis travels around the world sharing silence and insight and compassion, and making himself available to all those who earnestly wish to realise their true identities. Luis teaches only from direct experience and is fluent in Spanish as well as English. He prefers small groups and emphasises the importance, recognised for thousands of years, of direct contact with a teacher, as opposed to knowledge gained from books, recordings or videos.

Luis discovered the teachings of Ramana Maharshi when he was a teenager in Venezuela. He met his teacher and friend Robert Adams in California, and spent two years sitting at his feet every Thursday and Sunday, enjoying his presence and his silence, as Robert had very advanced Parkinson's disease and could hardly speak.

Luis's moment of realisation came in his hometown, La Coruña, while caring for his terminally ill wife, Bibiana. After several years he quietly began to teach and now has a following on both sides of the Atlantic, in countries as diverse as Mexico, Germany, England and the Republic of Ireland.

"There is no realization without honesty. Never fool yourself. When you do not accept yourself the way you are. When honestly you do not recognize the place where you are. When you prefer to identify with phrases learned. When you repeat words that do not come out of your heart. When you hide behind concepts that have nothing to do with your reality. When for you it is more important to pretend than to be. You are trying to free a puppet, a creation of your mind that will never be real. Accept yourself honestly, love yourself as you are, with humility, without fear. It's the only way."

Luis de Santiago

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