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The journey of awakening is an arc of return back home to our natural, inborn condition of happiness, peace, and love, from which we have been estranged by years of conditioning and apparent separation. Rather than seeking outside ourselves in meditative states and cultivated qualities, we need simply take the backward step that turns the light of awareness back upon itself and reveals our inherently awake true nature, which is always shining in the midst of difficulty and suffering.

This weekend retreat, Saturday and Sunday July 27-28, will feature powerful pointers back to our homeground of awakened awareness; silent and guided meditations that invite us to recognize this awakened ground directly for ourselves; and lively, heartful dialogue that both explores what we truly are and reveals and releases the false beliefs and identities we take ourselves to be.

As a practicing psychotherapist, Stephan brings to his teaching a deep sensitivity to the poignancy and complexity of our human condition and an appreciation not only of our absolute true nature as awakened awareness but also of the challenges of embodying this truth in the everyday world of love and work.

Stephan Bodian has been practicing and teaching the direct approach to awakened living for more than 40 years, including 10 years as a Buddhist monk and another 10 as a close disciple of Jean Klein. He was invited to teach in 2001 by Adyashanti. (

Stephan's Buddha at the Gas Pump interview can be found here:

The event will run from 11 am to 5 pm each day, and there will be an optional public satsang Friday evening, July 26.

Cost: £50 for Saturday; £85 both days.

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To register, please contact Brett Vallance, [email protected]

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