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The Art of Happiness

As the great spiritual traditions remind us, you can't find lasting happiness in accomplishments, possessions, or other people. Happiness is an inside job--and if you know precisely how to work with your own mind and heart, you can be happy in every situation, no matter how difficult.

At the deepest level, happiness is your birthright, your natural state as a human being, which you've lost touch with as the result of a lifetime of conditioning and suffering. By reflecting on certain core teachings and engaging in certain simple practices, you can reconnect with this innate happiness and spend more and more time just being happy, instead of struggling to get things to be different from the way they are.

The practices have a long spiritual pedigree and have been extensively studied by scientists and psychologists, particularly in the field of positive psychology, and found to be extraordinarily effective at building and sustaining lasting happiness.

In this two-day retreat, you'll receive powerful teachings on the nature of happiness and learn four simple yet transformative practices for lifting your mood, brightening your spirits, and infusing your heart with the joy of being.

Stephan Bodian has been teaching the art of happiness for more than 40 years, including a decade as a Buddhist monk. His ground-breaking guidebook Meditation for Dummies helped bring mindfulness to the mainstream, and his book Wake Up Now provides a comprehensive roadmap to the journey of spiritual awakening. As founder and director of the School for Awakening and a licensed psychotherapist, Stephan offers webinars, retreats, books, apps, and spiritual counseling that make profound spiritual teachings and practices accessible to a global audience. For more information, visit

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October 2018 retreat

October 2018 retreat
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