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  • “Your Calling is to realise deeper than the place-less place you came out of. In any true connection with any being, you yearn to merge in the Light you apparently see in the other in you. That way, Oneness moves between us.”
    B Prior
  • “If you were to drop into the Infinite, you would drop beyond your name, your form, your self, your person. Where you would land, You as Consciousness, is in the Consciousness of where You Are already One, knowing the Fullness You already Are.”
    B Prior
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Only Love is Pouring - Residential Retreat on the Sacred Isle of Crete


Retreats with B are an unimaginable journey into the depth of your being and beyond. They are an expression of Life's highest and most precious calling for you to return to Source and to become a vibrant authentic expression of ALL that you are.

Over the duration of the retreat, you will learn the full five-part sequence of The Form - Reality Practice, a powerful practice of awakening that is the living embodiment and transmission of realisation.

Archaggelos, Greece

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