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  • The body is the nightclub of the soul
    Tim Freke
  • Along with self-growth, sharing what we know, what has worked for us, and what may help others live, laugh and Love more, is the purpose of adversity.
  • The Upanishads enable you to get a glimpse of the enormous boon that is Brahman
    Satguru Sri Ramana Devi
  • Live life inside-out, be what you want your world to be filled with, don't try to fill yourself with the world around you, it can never be big enough.
  • “When we realize that who we are is formless awareness we begin to lose the fear of death. When this formless awareness realizes it is also form we begin to lose the fear of life.” ~ Loch Kelly
    Loch Kelly
  • First, own the fears which have owned you, second – disown them.
  • To move from the belief, I am something, to the understanding that I am nothing is a path of exclusion - I am not this, not this, not this. To move from the understanding that I am nothing to the all-embracing feeling-understanding that I am everything is a path of inclusion - I am this, I am this, I am…
    Rupert Spira
  • Who you are is prior to thoughts hold the attention on that which never moves and remain as such
    Alon Halel Geva
  • The realization of the "I am" is an advanced realization and many will stop here to enjoy living as the universal beingness. Only very few rare ones keep going past his lofty state and come to realize that even beingness is still a form of duality. This is sometime called the “The Great Death” or even "The Great Suicide" because to move past this stage, we need to give up the high identity as the universal "I am" and surrender to the final and terrifying realization that “there is nothing”. This “nothing” is not an absence but a “something” which is not a thing, pure awareness unaware of Itself. This is the only ultimate reality, the final step.
    Enza Vita
  • All remembrance ends in silence.
    Zahir Khan
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We have a set of tutorials for Meeting Truth coming very soon - please check back later.

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