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Freda Roche ~ email: or call 00353-87-283-6775


Aherlow Castle
Co. Tipperary

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If you are interested in awakening; conscious embodiment; allowing freedom to become foremost in your awareness; or in solving the mystery of any challenging details at play in your life, this Satsang retreat is for you. Leave distractions behind and dive in with this amazing display of Consciousness that is called 'You" and happens to include All That Is.

"We are delighted to have invited Canela to come to visit us here in Aherlow. ... I met Canela when she came to Dublin earlier this year. The atmosphere was easy and informal. Canela invited people to come and sit with her and even though there seemed no urgency to do so, I found myself sitting opposite to her connecting with her.... I think there were tears at first. Almost instantly words started to bubble out of my mouth, ... it was a situation where the defences were no longer running the show! Canela supported me along the path of energies in the body and quite soon everything went quiet. I returned to my seat. It felt as if something had happened... not quite sure what, and also being aware of the immediate nature of the mind, getting in there to try and label what had occurred. The experience in the body was as if some tightly held pattern had just been unraveled and ease prevailed. I really value how Canela works, slowing everything down and at the same time bringing attention to whatever is being experienced, felt and sensed in the body. It's like being safe and at the same time having the experience of there being nowhere to hide. Much love and gratitude.... Freda"

"I just attended a weekend Satsang in London with Canela Michelle Meyers. What a wonderful experience; her vibrancy joy and laughter, ripples of love coming through her into us, bring us home to our true vibrancy and aliveness. When I hugged her I melted into her, we were one. Such a beautiful experience. The weekend so practical and supportive, embracing all of life, feeling the love that is underlying all. I left feeling a freeway of love running straight through me. Her next port of call is in Brighton this coming weekend." Yvonne Beever, London, UK

"It was a real privilege to meet Canela and a powerful and enjoyable Satsang. Canela's style is so open, humble, and freeing, and it points so effectively towards a place of love and non separation, So glad I went." Kevin Pritchett, London, England Canela's book available here:

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