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  • Love is not a religion, it has no rules and regulations…it's what is happening in each moment. Relax open to That, This, Love that is…you are invited. Let go of wanting to change your beautiful Self or apparent other. As if Love could be turned off or on like a tap when it is the constant flow in each moment. It has no conditions. I can only invite you, i will not give up as Love speaks so loudly I cannot help myself to say…right here right here Now…softly allowing Love to touch, to show itSelf to you. ~ Canela
    Canela Michelle Meyers
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Here Now Satsang & Conscious Embodiment in Brighton


Here Now Satsang and Conscious Embodiment with Canela Michelle visiting from Canada

Brighton, United Kingdom

Here Now Satsang & Conscious Embodiment in London, UK


Here Now Satsang with Nondual Spiritual Teacher Canela Michelle Meyers from Canada.

West Putney SW15 London, United Kingdom

Five Day Satsang Retreat at Aherlow Castle


Five Day Here Now Satsang & Conscious Embodiment Retreat in Aherlow Castle.

Tipperary, Ireland

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