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  • I’m in the vegetable isle. Across the bins of zucchini and beets a man looks me in the eye. “Have I seen you somewhere before?” I haven’t seen him before, but I smile warmly. We recognize each other. I recognize everyone. I am here.
    Leslie Ihde
  • Intoxicating freedom is obtained in part through vigilant self-discipline. Eventually, self-discipline and intoxicating freedom are indistinguishable.
    Leslie Ihde
  • Through honest dialogue we can access the mystery of ourselves. We bring the offering of our honesty and perception. When we do so, the spirit seems to help us further. The intimacy of honest dialogue transcends personal interests.
    Leslie Ihde
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Session Notes

I encourage you to contact me so that we can begin an inquiry into who you are.  I want you to discover the mystery of yourself.  I can help you with compassion and insight.

One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in United States Dollars. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

Session Name Price Duration

self-inquiry session

$50.00 1hr

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