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One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in Pounds Sterling. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

Session Name Price Duration

Deep Looking

I am offering one one one deep looking sessions. The session usually takes around an hour. It is best to have time for yourself, where you feel safe and not going to be disturbed. In the session, I will ask you questions that will allow you to see exactly what patterns run in your system and what can be released. It works on a very deep level and is very gentle, loving approach. If you feel stuckness, inability to move forward, some pressing life issues, the unrest of the mind and chronic symptoms in the body, it’s all because of some unconscious mind patterns that are not serving you. This can be examined and released easily using the Deep Looking method. You can read about it in my new book or on my blog.
£50.00 1h

Intentional Awakening Retreat


The Intentional Awakening Retreat(R) is unique and this is your invitation to that mind-blowing, life-enriching experience. Here you will be provided, in a soothing environment, with everything you need to realize what you are, what you aren’t and what is actually going on in life.

A comprehensive set of powerful tools, both ancient and modern, will be masterfully employed to facilitate an awakening, to what is. We will utilize shamanic medicines, carefully passed down for millennia<Chemuyil, Mexico

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