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  • Awareness has no position or opinion to defend - like the infinite ocean that contains all of life and judges none of it – while being the essential nature of all of it. You are This.
    David Ellzey
  • Know that the infinite intelligence, majesty, and emptiness of this grand ocean of existence are at the very core of every atom of your being.
    David Ellzey
  • What if what was actually seeing through those physical eyes right now was pure awareness itself. Check and see.
    David Ellzey
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Session Notes

David has a rare presence, a disarming compassion, and a laser ability to help you dismantle the thoughts and perceptions of yourself and life that hinder your recognition of your unlimited nature and the unconditional love therein. He is licensed wi

One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in United States Dollars. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

Session Name Price Duration

Conscious Coaching-Awareness Mentoring

Awaken to the relief of your deepest unbound nature even amidst the turmoil of today's times.
$165.00 1hr

From Here to Now: From The Mind to This Moment


In his talk at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago David will guide you from intellectual understanding of spiritual concepts of freedom to the direct experience of your deepest nature only found in the present moment.

Chicago, IL 60642, USA

The Body as the Universe Unbound


At this yearly Science and Non-Duality Conference in Southern California that hosts scientists, physicists, artists, and sages, David offers an experiential workshop in the direct and embodied experience of celebrating the unlimited reality of our true nature.

California, United States

The Freedom and Power of Letting Go


In these two days at The Well Spirituality Center near Chicago you’ll taste the life-changing freedom of letting go and seeing through the many emotions and thoughts triggered by this challenging world. You'll walk away with a deep sense of your unbound nature, which permeates even your darkest hour and your greatest ecstasy.

La Grange Park, IL 60526, United States

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