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Dancing on the Razor's Edge: Realizing Our Inherent Perfection, Embracing Our Imperfect Humanness


At the essential level, everything is perfect and complete just as it is. At the manifest level, as one Zen master said on his deathbed, my life has been an endless series of mistakes. True awakening involves embracing both levels– pristine perfection and imperfect humanness. This three-week online retreat combines the perspective of awakened awareness with the insights of Western psychology to help us explore the razor’s edge where our inherent perfection meets our messy human life.

Beyond Mindfulness Three-Day Retreat


Whether or not you've practiced mindfulness, you can wake up directly to your timeless, limitless, inherently awake true nature, without the need for elaborate practices or rituals. In this retreat, you will receive profound teachings, direct pointers, guided meditations, and focused inquiry that invite you to wake up, not next year or in another lifetime, but right now. The approach is grounded in the nondual wisdom teachings of Zen, Dzogchen- Mahamudra, and Advaita Vedanta.

Garrison Institute, United States

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