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Moment by moment, as we experience the mind’s projection of what we call our life 🙂♥️, we grow more familiar with it and so, more attached to it as well.

The familiarity, and the mind’s perception of it, makes it appear so very solid and so very real.

And yet there is the underlying solidity of Presence that invites us to keep shifting our attention to a very different Reality…Reality that takes us into the inevitable and so powerful Impermanence of all experience — and to know and rest in the two powerful aspects of our True Nature – Emptiness and Love.

In our upcoming 2-week intensive, I want to bring full circle our several weeks-long exploration of Doership and Karma/ Destiny and come back to the simplicity of resting and finding ground and solace in Impermanence of all experience, and to the very powerful and experiential description of the Awakened State. ” When I know that I am Nothing — that is Emptiness. When I know that I am Everything — that is Love. And between those two my attention moves.”

We will be speaking about other things as well; please see our areas of interest. I am very much looking forward to our time together.

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