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Unmani invites you into the essence of timeless spiritual wisdom, with a contemporary approach that actually embodies this wisdom in your daily life.

Unmani guides you to radically deconstruct your preconceived ideas about yourself, and free-fall in not-knowing. She then supports you in learning how to navigate not-knowing, so that you can grow to be more present and engaged in your life.

Unmani holds the space for you to recognise, and then cultivate Awakened Presence in your life. This offers a radical shift in perspective from a ‘small me’ to the Oneness of Life itself.

Unmani invites you to ground this Awakened Presence in self-acceptance and self-compassion, so that all aspects of your human experience is welcomed and included.

Dates & Details:

Saturday 3rd December 4pm to 5:30pm

Near Lagos, Portugal

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