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Unmani regularly offers a live Open Webinar, available to anyone that wishes to join. These meetings are for all those who wish to have a taste or reminder of Unmani’s message by simply listening in, or for those who wish to dive deeper by having a video or audio dialogue with Unmani.

These Open Webinars — with Unmani’s unique perspective and insightful guidance — will offer a rich opportunity to wake up to your true nature, and see how this realization is lived in your daily life.

Each Open Webinar will have a general theme, but Unmani is open to any genuine and relevant diversions from this theme. Unmani will start by giving a talk on the theme and then will ask if anyone has any questions or wishes to have a dialogue. The webinar will last approximately 1 hour.

Unmani asks that before you ask a question or request a dialogue with her, that you take some time to feel into what is most real and truthful for yourself and then speak from there.

Dates & Details:

Sunday 4th December 2022 7pm CET

Free of charge or by donation.

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