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Open Sky House Denia
Carrer Lleó
03700 Dénia

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Vipassana is the most effective Meditation that helps you to understand how your mind and body are operating and to Meet Yourself in a Deep Way.

What is unique about the Vipassana Island Weekend?

Vipassana Island Meditation is a shortened and intensified way of a classic Vipassana Course. It is a unique experience where you spend the whole weekend with Yourself sitting in Silence supported from the Energy Field of the group and John David's students.

The Island consists of a chair, meditation cushion, a back jack, mattress and blankets. A loving helper team will bring you food and take 48 hours care of your needs.

The Vipassana Meditation Island is open for everyone with a wish to understand the workings of the mind, an Openness for a Shift in Perception, and if you are ready for a possible Life Transformation.

This weekend will be held in the Open Sky Villa in Denia, near Valencia in Spain. The location is a stunning old villa situated in a lush and spacious tropical paradise with palm trees and a huge swimming pool only a 3-minute walk to the Mediterranean.

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vipassana Denia

Vipassana Weekend
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