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Embodiment is unlike anything you have done before. Its a 9 week process to delve into yourself and face all the things you have been avoiding up uptil now. Because that is the only doorway to libertation.

But we make it fun, and simple. Although its not easy, its not for a spiritual tourist, or plastic "namaste" barbies. This is a no-bullshit tribe of evolvers that are seeing results. And because of this, this course gives back for years and years...its not a one-off. If you're ready to take the leap, this is your path to liberation. "Through this practice, I experience actual fulfillment. Actual fulfillment is not what I though fulfillment was. Of course, I thought it was happiness or bliss or a perfect partner, or a perfect job. It is none of that. It's deeper, more profound, more amazing " - Austin P. Chicago, USA Find Source. Expose the cycle of resistance and sabotage. End vicious patterns of suffering. Awaken your true self.

These are all achievable. And you are capbale.

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Embodiment Option 1

$1400.00 - $0.00 30

Embodiment Option 2

Class & 1-1 with Meg Roekle
$2000.00 - $0.00 5

Embodiment Option 3

Class & 1-1 with Kiran Trace
$5000.00 - $0.00 3

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