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As you move through life you long for peace, happiness, and freedom from the incessant chatter in your mind only to discover the peace you are seeking is illusive if you find it at all. This retreat is an oasis of peace—an opportunity to leave your every day routine to discover intimately, directly, the peace that never comes and never goes—the peace that has been with you even in your darkest moments that has simply been waiting to be discovered.

We have all heard that enlightenment promises a kind of peace beyond the normal experience of life—nirvana—peace beyond all ideas of peace. The mysterious peace that transcends the mess of your life, but how exactly can you discover this peace for yourself—what is the path, the method, the way? If you cruise the internet looking for a solution you can find yourself lost in a tsunami of information that promises the peace of freedom, enlightenment, or self-realization. It all begins to sound the same.

The yoga of peace retreat is very different than most workshops and retreats being offered around the world. It is an initiation into the essential teaching and practices that supports a radical shift in consciousness from the suffering of your mind to the indescribable peace of your heart—not as a momentary experience, but as an evolutionary leap in consciousness.

It might surprise you to discover this retreat is filled with laughter, love, and the welcoming open awareness that supports your own direct realization without waiting for eons or suffering through arduous practices. It is truly an initiation into the indescribable love, laughter, and freedom of your eternal nature—peace that surpasses all understanding.

This is not a long drawn out process—this teaching is infused with a powerful transmission that enables you to instantly see through the illusion of fear, anxiety, doubt, stress, sadness, and many other forms of suffering that have plagued you throughout your life.

Please join us for a weekend retreat that reveals the ancient wisdom with the natural power to end the stress of everyday life—your own intimate discovery of the peace, love, and laughter of the heart.

Tuition: €75

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Yoga of Peace

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