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Sunday 10am PST, 12pm CST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK/Ireland, 7pm Germany/Czech R

This month's topic: 'Real Security - Being With Stillness, Silence'

Satsang with Canela Michelle is always (All Ways) an ongoing invitation to deepen into who you already are, with direct transmission of Peace and Aliveness - Living Life Fully as this YOU! Please do invite folks to this event...thank you! Info on the topic etc. is on the schedule page:

This Satsang is a support to you in experiencing all of what appears to be human as divine. Canela Michelle supports people to embody themselves as they are - the ordinary extraordinary human being. We can use 'the story' or any details, as a window into deeper awareness. Nothing is wasted by Love itSelf.

You will find more details on the website: - check out the blog, or conference videos. Send in your donation via Meeting Truth here (suggested donation is $10 Canadian but any donation works, more or less) and then receive the Zoom link by emialing your receipt to Leah.

*** Please send in your donaiton PRIOR to the meeting...we cannot send you the Zoom link once the meeting has started.

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Two Hour On-Line Satsang

Two Hour Satsang
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