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Sri Nannagaru Ashram
Ramana Maharshi St. 2
Chengam Rd

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"The retreat provides an unique opportunity to experience the ancient spiritual wisdom of India in a contemporary setting and in the presence of a living master, who can guide you to fall deeper into your own being."

John David is a direct disciple of Papaji, who in turn was a disciple of the Indian Saint Sri Ramana Maharshi. Sri Ramana spent most of his life at Arunachala, a powerful place of self-enquiry and realisation for thousands of years. Today people from all over the world are drawn to the silent and powerful energy of this place, where the Self is more easily felt.

Have your own deep experience with Self-enquiry, which will be a focus of the retreat and which you can then take into your daily life. Another focus will be devotion, the way of the heart where we learn to surrender to the flow of life. People from the Open Sky House Communities Hitdorf, Denia and Trypillya will be at the retreat too and are ready to share their knowledge and understanding.

Each day will start with yoga and meditation. After breakfast there will be one hour mantra singing with live music and a meeting with John David on the shady roof of the ashram with a beautiful view of Arunachala. We visit the Ramana Ashram and walk on the mountain, visiting the caves and surrounding countryside. We enjoy delicious vegetarian food prepared specially for us in our own kitchen according to Western standards of hygiene.

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India Retreat

India Retreat
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