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The Clear Way Mastery course is an evolutionary perspective of the teaching of Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi supported by the ancient wisdom and presence of Sri Amma Karunamayi—a living saint and avatar.

This unique perspective is a potent transmission that supports your own direct experience of the sublime happiness and contentment of your eternal nature.

The ancient secrets contained within this teaching provide the essential context for understanding the science of liberation. It supports the development of the skill essential to break free of the suffering nature of your mind, ego, and the powerful force of your genetics, or the genetic mind, that keep patterns of suffering repeating again and again.

The teaching offered in this program is based in the sacred practices of self-inquiry, meditation (vipassana practice), and the mantra as well as many other modalities that provide radical support for your own direct realization of the indescribable bliss that you are in the core of your being.

  • Two annual week long retreats
  • Many Different Modalities to Support Your Spiritual Evolution
  • A small and intimate group with plenty of time for one to one interaction.
  • A perfect environment for going deeper away from the usual distractions of "Normal Life"
  • Discover the essential core practices for liberation.
  • A group of committed students
  • Online Community and monthly zoom meetings after the retreat has ended.
  • Support Directly from Kosi

This course consists of two annual weeklong retreats, monthly online meetings, support directly from Kosi, as well as an online community. It takes time, resolve, perseverance, and the deep commitment essential for mastery. Naturally, we understand it can be difficult to make a long-term commitment to anything, but to receive the full benefit of the Clear Way program, it is recommended that you make a commitment of at least one year. If you are unable to attend both of the week long retreats it is possible to attend either the fall or spring retreat and participate for one year and the online meetings. This gives you an opportunity to see for yourself if this teaching provides the kind of support that resonates with you. Part of the beauty of the Clear Way is you are part of a group committed to diving deep into the heart of freedom.

The Clear Way is satsang. It supports anyone who is seeking liberation from the karmic wheel of suffering known as the great wandering of saṃsāra as well as anyone who simply wants to break free of the suffering nature of their mind. If you are interested in joining a group of people devoted to freedom for themselves and others—the Clear Way is long-term continuous support.

This course does not represent a religion or religious belief system. It is a sacred teaching and transmission held in the context of satsang that is best described as non-teaching; it represents radical long term support for directly realizing nirvana—the stateless state of pure love, happiness, and wisdom that lives in your own heart.

If you want to join group of people who are committed to freedom and are deeply called to make difference in their lives and the lives of others, this program provides a continuous and long term support.

Feeling Called?

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions the weeklong retreat scheduled for this fall in Lonay Switzerland will now be held online.

Annual Tuition:

The annual tuition includes the week long webinar scheduled for this October and the week long retreat in April 2021 in Lonay , Switzerland, which you can participate in either online or in person. It also, includes monthly online meetings. Tuition can either be paid in full or monthly here also : The Clearway Annual Tuition

Note: The tuition does not included any travel expenses, room, or board. Please see below for accommodation options.

Tuition: €1295 or €108 monthly

Webinar Registration:

The webinar tuition includes the webinar this October and monthly meetings for one year.

Tuition: €695

General Schedule (Central Europen Time: UTC+01:00)

14:00 - 16:30 - Satsang with Kosi

16:30 - 17:00 - BREAK

17:00 - 19:30 - Practices and Processes

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There are private rooms available at the retreat center which are comfortably furnished and a shared bathroom.

There is a three course lunch provided each day.The menu is seasonal and locally sourced.Vegetarian option is available. Breakfast and evening meal are self-catering.There is access to a fully equipped kitchen.

Price and Booking

Food and accommodation for six days and nights is 300CHF. Please contact [email protected] to book separately and for further details.

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