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This one day ‘Come Alive & Be Free’ Intensive with Unmani is an opportunity to dive deeper into the truth of who you really are beyond all the beliefs and concepts about how it ‘should’ be. Unmani invites you into full participation, to question, share or investigate whatever is relevant for you in your life. An intensive is in an intimate closed group to enable a deep inquiry into your longing to wake up to your true nature, and come home. Testimonial ‘In a soft, but firm when necessary manner, Unmani guides you to open yourself to the truth of who you are. She meets each individual in a personalized way that is unique for everyone.’ Unmani’s message is not a complicated prescription of what you need to do or not do, but a simple description of how it is, and who you are, already. It is not about one day becoming perfect, but about waking up to the simple truth that you are already everything that you have been longing to become. She supports the inquiry into the nature of thought, and it’s endless sneaky tricks. Thought is not made to be the enemy but simply seen as a limited servant to the truth of who you really are. Unmani’s message is not only in her words but also in the energy field. She speaks from that ‘beingness’ that awakens to itself when it is heard. She speaks from Being, then our Being awakens. While the words are used to undo confusion and misunderstandings, it is also about resonating with what is happening, beyond all the words.

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