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Rooftop at Thiru Anbu House
293 Chengran Road

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"Where there was thought to be someone, it is revealed there is no one, and out of the heart of no one there is a personal falling in love with all of it. And that is the taste, the true non-dual taste, because true love ends up devouring the dream and the dreamer." Devaji

Includes twice daily sessions, beginning with silent meditation followed by satsang

Morning session: 10am Break Afternoon session: Begins 1.5 hrs after morning session ends

HOUSING AT ANAND LOK RETREAT CENTER Available January 16th to 27th , 2018 - $506 USD As this is a residential retreat, lodging at Anand Lok is required for all participants. Rooms include three daily vegetarian meals as well as chai/coffee in the early morning and mid-afternoon. There are a small number of private rooms and many shared rooms available. Private rooms are not guaranteed and will be assigned with a heart-filled intention to accommodate all requests. Please reserve your room by December 1st, 2017.

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