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  • When Silence speaks, it tells the story of Creation. While some stories are more profound, the story of the human body embodies all other stories in its womb…
    Igor Kufayev
  • On a deeper level - all relationships are based on Love. All relationships proceed from Love, sustained by Love and dissolve in Love. Love is what makes us to crave any relationship in whatever field of life we wish to express that longing - that longing is for Love.
    Igor Kufayev
  • Abiding in a state of spontaneous absorption transcends the boundaries of any given truth based on intellectual grasp of ultimate reality…
    Igor Kufayev
  • "The continuity is impossible... in order for something to come into being, something has to die." – Igor Kufayev –
    Igor Kufayev
  • "The heart is where Christ left his most healing touch." – Igor Kufayev –
    Igor Kufayev
  • "Perception is often programmed by the shared archetypal imagery. Yet Christ Consciousness is our innermost reality. I bow to the Christ within you." – Igor Kufayev –
    Igor Kufayev
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From Awakening to Self-Realization to Greater Embodiment When it comes to the realization of our innermost potential, the topic of integration is one of the most pertinent. Viewed from the embodied nature of Consciousness, the dynamics of that process are, in turn, colored by our psychophysiological conditioning. When seen from that perspective, the ancient line ''know thyself,'' gains an extra dimension.

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