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Personal coaching sessions that integrate Awakening clarity, Behavioural Psychology and Human Design for permanent shift in the human fractal to facilitate correct alignment of energies, empowerment and wellbeing.

One-to-One Sessions

All prices are in United States Dollars. The details of your session will be arranged with the teacher after booking.

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Integration of Awakening

I meet people where they are, there is no need to pretend and try to be somebody else, more awake, or more spiritual. I meet everyone in the perfection of Being that is already present. Awakening is a multidimensional process, it is not one initial experience. Either you have had sudden experience of awakening, or it was more gradual process, the implications of awakening are to follow for many years, re-structuring the human fractal in every way. I use the gift of SEEING and INSIGHT in my work with people. By Human Design system that I utilize in my work, I am a Mental Projector, I have clear insight at the moment of communication which is PRECISE and highly transformative for the client. This work is absolutely catalytic in it's nature. I work on getting people unstuck, gain clarity, align the energies. I help in all areas of life: relationships, health and wellbeing, sexuality and finance. I teach the CORRECT MANAGEMENT OF ENERGIES which is very crucial, as it is very specific to each human being, which is why after doing workshops and group work for many years I abandoned it in favor to one on one consulting. If you have any problems in any areas of life I invite you to contact me, I will be happy to help. It is my LIFE WORK. My Dharma service, philanthropic work, is Liberation Unleashed, where we do not charge for anything, but my personal work that includes Awakened perspective, Human Design, Behavioral Psychology and etc. which I utilize in the sessions, have a charge to support my simple living. I appreciate your interest to my work and invite you to work with me. We will start with a 5-10 min silent meditation, to settle into the energies of our connection. After we synergize we will talk about the areas of life that work for you, and those that doesn't, where you feel stuck or unhappy. We will move to a gentle, yet powerful session of ALIGNING YOU WITH WHO YOU ARE. This is both energy and mind work that we will do. We will open the mind for clarity and insight into the issues presented. The next step is very important, and we spend as much time as you need, even if it is longer then the session time. This step is to understand and embody the STRATEGY to follow in life to live in a way of least resistance. We will discuss your issues in a light of this strategy. This is very important step, because if you really embody this knowledge you may deal with any issue in life without being dependent on outside help. Then we will learn HOW TO MAKE DECISIONS in any areas of life, the correct way of which will create harmony and will support your happiness and wellbeing. This work is very individual, very personal, very PRACTICAL. There is no generic or vague suggestions, no illusion of peace of mind that you won't be able to hold later, though many report immediate elevation of mind state. This is practical catalytic coaching session that will create permanent shift, positive movement in all areas, and will give you definite tools for the rest of your life.
$250.00 2hr

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